General Polices and Rules

Arrival and Departure

Preschool children must be escorted inside the building and signed in. A child will not be released to a person who has not been authorized by a parent to pick up their child. If someone other than the authorized persons will be picking up a child, parents/guardians must notify the director in writing ahead of time. The person collecting the child must come into the building, show proper identification, and sign the child out.

School-age children are signed in each day in a designated area. Attendance records are maintained throughout the Center’s time of operation.


Every effort is made to make this a very special day for your child. A parent is welcome to send a birthday treat sufficient for the entire class. Please consult the classroom teacher about your plan ahead of time.


Children should wear clothes appropriate for daily activities. Your child will go outside every day, weather permitting, so dress them accordingly. Shoes should be comfortable, closed-toe, and appropriate for vigorous activity. Children enrolled in the Summer Day Camp must wear the designated Kinderland T-shirt on field trips.

Parents of infants are required to supply at least three sets of clothing in a large zip-lock bag.  All other children have an extra change of clothes for emergencies.

Parents are encouraged to label their child’s clothing and supplies (bottles, cups, blankets, towels, and bibs).


Parents of toddlers and preschoolers will need to provide a cot for nap time.  They can be purchased at the Center.


We ask that parents of children in diapers supply a package of diapers and one box of baby wipes.  Parents must provide these items on a continual basis.

Discipline Policy

Discipline is based upon positive reasons for respecting one another and being safe.  We believe discipline to be positive lessons in self-control and problem-solving, resulting in desirable behavior.  The goals of these lessons are for the children to become responsible for their own behavior.  Until the children have developed this self-control, our staff will consistently maintain safe and appropriate limits for the welfare of all the children.

Lessons in discipline are taught by:  clearly telling the children what is expected of them, reinforcing good behavior, providing a realistic environment, setting good examples, and giving children acceptable choices.  If necessary, children experience the consequences of undesirable behavior by helping to correct the problem they have caused or by being separated from the group for short periods until they regain their self-control and can return to the group.  Under no circumstances is physical punishment, deprivation, shaming, or intimidation used as a form of discipline.

Our goal is to provide safe and cheerful environment for all children. 


To register or place a child’s name on a waiting list simply complete the enrollment package.  An enrollment form, physical examination, and an updated immunization record must be completed on each child attending Kinderland Place prior to their first day of enrollment. Click here for our enrollment forms.

Illnesses or absences

Please notify us if your child will be absent or is going to be late.

If a child becomes ill during the day, the parents will be notified so that arrangements can be made for the child to be picked up.  The sick child needs to be absent until no longer contagious and strong enough to participate in the program.

Items from Home

Children are not allowed to bring toys, candy, gum or money.  We cannot be responsible for lost items brought from home.  Please help us by encouraging you child not to bring them.

Meals & Formula

Parents must provide their children with meals and/or formula.  All Meals will be labeled and kept in the Center’s refrigerator.Babies are fed according to their own schedule.  Young babies are given their bottles while being held by a caregiver.  Bottles are never propped or offered to a baby in the crib.

The Center will provide two snacks per day for children who are able
to eat table food.  It is important that we are notified of any food
allergies that your child may have.


The only medication we can give your child is medicine prescribed in writing by a doctor.
The medicine must be brought to the Center in the original container labeled with the child’s name, the date, doctor’s name and dosage.
Parents must sign a permission slip for medication.
We cannot give any medicine that is not prescribed by a doctor.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to visit our facility at any time or stay with their child as long as they wish.  We would love to have you participate in the Center’s activities.
We closely observe the development of your child and will provide written evaluations or progress reports throughout the year.
Individual conferences are welcome to discuss matters concerning your child’s well-being.

Ratios of Adult to Children

At Kinderland Place our primary objective is to provide the best childcare attainable.  In keeping with our goal to provide quality childcare, each classroom will be adequately staffed to meet the individual needs of each child.
In addition to meeting the requirements of the Florida Department of Children & Families Ratios of adults to children (listed below), additional staff will be on hand to assist classrooms.  Thereby, reducing the number of children to caregivers as needed.
Florida Department of Children and Families Ratios of Adults to Children:

Age of Children                Ratio

Infants                    1 caregiver: 4 children
1 Year of age                    1 caregiver: 6 children
2 years of age                    1 caregiver: 11 children
3 years of age                    1 caregiver: 15 children
4 years of age                    1 caregiver: 20 children
5 years of age                    1 caregiver: 25 children


Two weeks written notice is required if your child will be le
aving permanently.