We recognize toddlers’ need to explore their environment.  Toddlers are eager to discover the size, shape and mobility of things and test their own skills.  We realize what a vital period this is for your child.  For this reason, toddlers are given many opportunities to play, climb, crawl and investigate in safe surroundings.

Beginning at age 3, children are introduced to first computer concepts just right for toddlers.  Toddlers also get the chance to sing, dance, stack blocks, hear stories, and play games with friends.  Adults are always present to provide guidance and encourage little ones.  A summary will be posted on a daily basis outlining toddlers’ activities.


We recognize that preschoolers are filled with curiosity and want to know the meaning of everything that catches their eyes.  They learn through play and exploration.  Play provides the foundation for academic learning.

To prepare preschoolers for school we provide innovative programs that help them attain their full potential.  Within an appropriate environment we provide discovery and exploring experiencing by exposing your child to books, pretend, arts and crafts, counting, music, outdoor play and dancing.

Preschoolers continue to interact with computers while building essential early learning skills such as:  ABC’s shapes and colors, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, rhythm & rhyme, problem solving, mouse control and keyboard skills.

Toddlers - Preschool